Finding Value

Alright you guys, let’s talk about something that is taking over the world…. MARIE KONDO. The Salvation Armani, as Rory calls it, is probably booming right now. Don’t you wish for a just moment that you came up with the question, “What brings you joy?”, then created your own unique way of folding, wrote a book about it, and BAM, here comes your own Netflix series. Rats, you guys, I guess we missed it.

Truthfully, I do love the show for a few reasons.

  1. It’s the only show that I literally CANNOT sit through. No matter what, everytime I turn it on, I end up watching only a few minutes here and there when suddenly, I find myself knee deep in a random box somewhere decluttering.
  2. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch. All those garbage bags to the curb, YES! Stacks of paper gone, THANK YOU JESUS. Cardboard boxes emptied and thrown away…HALLELUJAH! I want Marie Kondo to come to my house…. Please. Even if I only catch the beginning and the end, my love and desire for all-things-organized is so so content.
  3. She reminds you to hold on to the things that add value to your life while ‘thanking’ the things that once did and letting them go! (The thanking part is a little funny – but hey – you go Kondo!). It’s an incredible practice.

I’ll admit, I haven’t followed the method to be exact and I certainly am not following the order of her decluttering scheme but I have definitely found freedom from junk this year!

Regardless, this question, “Does it bring you joy?” certainly has had me thinking about things that I value this year. What’s important to me? What adds more value to my life? What is value even and how in the world is it measured? Welcome to my brain..

No way is this just limited to possessions. Honestly, as I’ve been working through my material things I truly have felt a gentle nudge from God to learn more about what is valuable to Him. So there I went with God.

God what do you value? What’s important to you? (Go there with God yourself! He’s a really good Father & He loves to talk to you!)

One of the first things He reminded me was… “I value YOU”. What a sweet promise that God knew my little beating heart needed to hear. I am valued. I am valuable. Phew, those simple words can change every single thing about your life. For me, I have to constantly be reminded that God thinks I’m worth it. It’s not easy to believe when my patience is low, my words are harsh, and I can’t seem to be kind to save my life. Even on those days, God still sees His treasure. 


Irreplaceable, unique, useful, worthy, significant, prized, cherished… Yep, that’s what He thinks about you, too!

But if I had to guess, you’re probably like me and don’t always feel like that is true? “I’ve messed up too much. I’m impatient. I’ve done x,y, & z. I’m selfish. I’m not good enough.” The list goes on…

Here’s the best part. Your feelings aren’t powerful enough to alter what’s true.

This is what’s true. You are valuable.

[Maybe you’d confidently say that you don’t believe in God, or you know something’s out there but you’re not sure what. Maybe you’d say you’re disconnected or haven’t been to church in awhile. Here’s what I want to challenge, regardless of where you are, what you’ve done, and even what you believe right now, you’re still worth it to God.]

I’ve been in the practice of the past few years of beginning my quiet time asking Him, “What do you think of me? How do you see me?”. THIS IS POWERFUL and it crushes the very real enemy’s plans of self-destruction, self-hatred, and self-loathing.

So I challenge you, wherever you’re at, and regardless of what you think about God, grab a pen and paper or open the notes section on your smart phone and ask….“What do you think about me?” “God, what do you value?”

Write it down and share it with someone who you trust and love! I pray that your heart overflows with a reminder from your Creator how truly remarkable you are! Even if you were the only one on this earth, you’d still be worth it. [Remember, God’s heart is FOR you. If it’s condemning, full of shame, or leads you further from Him, it’s not from Him :)]


Praying for you!



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