Whole 30 Favorites

I hate writing.

Yep, you read that correctly.

One of my least favorite things to do is put pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard and let my thoughts spill all over onto a clean white sheet of paper. It can be exhausting, challenging, frustrating, and even paralyzing (writer’s block, anyone?). However, in my short while here on this earth, I’ve realized that I have a few things to share. I’m far from a professional on any given subject and will mostly point you TO resources that I’ve found helpful rather than recreate the wheel. There’s a voice deep down inside of me that pushes and encourages me to share my experiences, hopes, dreams, and even failures with you. It’s a voice that speaks to me with clarity, conviction, and a invitation that I don’t want to miss!

So, here we are. I’m wiping the dust off of this old idea and resurrecting the blog in hopes of sharing some thoughts, resources, and hopefully encouragement on all of the things that are apart of my daily life.

Let’s begin with food. Second to Jesus (and my husband, kids, family, church family, friends… etc.) is my love for food. But not just any food… Paleo/Healthy food. Yes, that was pretty anti-climatic, I know but this way of eating changed my life! I only find pride in making a Paleo meal taste good. Any other non-compliant meal I make, I think to myself… of course it tastes good. There was heavy cream and cheese in it! You know a recipe is good, when it tastes amazing & makes you healthier while eating it! Please know, I love all things creamy and cheesy but it’s my worst enemy. You can read my full Paleo journey in the previous posts but for now let’s get to where I’m at today.

[True life confession: Since I was introduced to the Paleo lifestyle I have been committed to it on and off. These past few years, I’ve swayed from it and have not been happy with the result. Two beautiful babies later… it’s time to follow the guidelines again. In case you’re wondering what Paleo is, Robb Wolf does a fantastic job of explaining HERE.]

A ‘reset’ that’s linked with the Paleo diet is called the Whole30. The Whole30 helps you find your food freedom by eliminating foods that make you less healthy and encourage the eating of foods that make you more healthy (www.whole30.com). It’s a little intense but so worth the journey. I’ve received a lot of messages & calls from friends about how I keep the Whole 30 fresh or what I eat on it. That’s why I decided this should be my first post back! I’m currently on Day 10 and wanted to share with you four of my favorite recipes that I’ve made so far.


  1. Baked Chicken

I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers, Paleo Running Momma (shout out to her!). I’ve made it twice so far in 10 days and it was delicious each time. Instead of pan frying the chicken the whole time, I browned it in the cast iron and transferred it to the oven to finish cooking.

  1. Loaded Turkey & Veggie Soup

I don’t have any final pictures, but this turned out delicious! My personal recipe soon to follow!

  1. Stuffed Acorn Squash

THIS is yummy….! I’ve never made it exactly as she calls for it, why? Because I use whatever I have in my fridge. Save $ and sanity that way. Each time though, it has turned out delicious. Give it a go!

  1. Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

You guys, make this. Whole30’er or not, you should add this to your rotation. It’s so good!


I hope this gives you some fresh ideas if you need inspiration on your Whole 30 or need a few healthy meals to add to your monthly plan.


I’m praying for you!




4 thoughts on “Whole 30 Favorites

  1. Annette says:

    This is so cool! I think you’ve done a great job here! The recipes look yummy! So I’ll give it a go! Sweet potato shepherds pie?? Sounds interesting 🤔 Keep up the good work!


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